Before the year starts again…

As February rolls to an end, some might be happy that summer is finally over, some may be glad that 2017 is 1/6th over, and others, university students that is, are dreading the 4 months ahead. Whys that? Because semester 1 begins.

Being an undergraduate university student can be the easiest and the hardest full-time job. Easy because you basically study for half the year and get the rest for catch ups, nights out and the occasional and infamous Sunday Sesh- google for those not in Perth, they’re great. But being a student is hard too, because you basically cram what would be an entire year of high school work into 12 weeks, while you work, be social, pay bills and try to maintain your ever dwindling sanity… So heres some things I’ve learnt the past 2 years to make the uni semester a little less daunting.


Me trying to stop the semester from inevitably beginning


1. If you’re a first year, go to all your orientation week events! And by go to them I don’t mean sit in the room on your phone while they talk and introduce the important university things you’ll need to know; I mean sit, listen, talk to the people around you and make a few friends. One thing I’ve learnt is that university is so much easier and so much more bearable when you’ve got a friend to sit by and a friend to listen to your drama, as long as you listen to theirs too!


2. Bring more than 1 pen to class. I beg of you, don’t be that person to forget a pen, lose a pen or run out of ink in the only pen you have in the middle of a lecture, especially if you have one of those lecturers that speak at the speed of sound and don’t like to post their content online.. curse those people! But in all honesty, your classes will go so much smoother if you have more than 1 pen to rely on… just do it, bring 2 pens.


3. Having some form of calendar or planner with you will save your life. A lot of times in my classes my tutors or lecturers like to change due dates of assignments, which most of the time I will welcome with open arms, but things change when I don’t have my planner with me and am forced to resort to writing on my hand, praying that it doesn’t come off after washing my hands. This worry disappears when you have somewhere to write important notes down other than your notebook, because lets be honest here, you don’t check your notes until you’re studying for an exam, writing an essay or want to have a look at the beautiful flower you drew mid class when you should’ve been listening… okay, that probably doesn’t happen to everyone but it does to me okay… I’m an artsy person when I want to be hahaha.


4. Figure out where your classes are going to be. I am fortunate enough to have all but 1 class in the exact same room on campus (lucky, I know), but not everyone is the same. A friend of mine had to run up and down my campus from class to class straight after each other and if she didn’t have a roundabout clue about where she was going she would be missing her classes, or being late (EVEN WORSE when you’ve got mean lecturers). So before your first class of semester, have a look at where your classes are going to be so you can at least be going in the right direction.


5. Lastly for this post, don’t get discouraged easily. Whether this is your first semester, fifth or seventh, remember it’s a new semester and it will take some time to get used to everything. You may do badly in an assignment or a test, may completely mess up your time management or forget to do your pre-readings but it’s okay! You need to make mistakes in order to learn, and learning takes time. You’re not a terrible person or student if you find things to much at first or even after a month or two, just stick at it and do the best you can.. that’s all anyone can ask of you dear ❤


Good luck in your semester, and remember that it’s only 3 months long.. it takes longer to go through a jar of vegemite than to do one semester! Keep calm and study your heart out, but have fun too, university only happens once (for most of us anyway).


The Aussie Student ♥


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