Rainy Days on Campus


This day exists of me running around campus in my coat, under my pathetic little umbrella and my jeans that somehow manage to soak up every drop of water that comes within a metre of them. Yes, it’s raining. The end of winter has decided to bless (or curse, depending on which way you think) us with endless rainfall. And sure, the rain is great for our farms and our dams and our environment, but lets face it, uni sucks when its raining.

To start with, you have to plan your outfit for the day around whether or not you think you’re going to get caught in the rain. I certainly have learnt my lesson with wearing canvas shoes when its raining and having wet socks for an entire 5 hour uni day… not fun.. And having to wear your thickest coat so you don’t get blasted by the wind, not fun.

And don’t even get me started about finding a place to sit. Lunchtimes are a nightmare cause the entirety of the university’s population decides to sit undercover (obviously) which means that every place is full. Wednesday 12-2 is common free time at my university which makes it even worse… it is hell haha.

Another thing about rainy days on campus is that the weather makes you so tired and cold and you just want to sleep in class. Coupled with the fact that people are constantly sick (like me right now.. ugh.. help me) and complaining about being sick, uni just sucks when its raining…

And looking out of the window to my class right now, all I see is horizontal rain, wind blowing trees 45º past where they’re supposed to sit and the wind howling through the windows… *sigh* I can’t wait until winter ends and there’s no more rainy days…

Rant over! haha #firstworldproblems

The Aussie Student


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