Master of Distraction

Isn’t procrastination the bane of the uni student’s existence? The more you have to do and the increasingly less time you have to do it, the more every other activity becomes more appealing.. Yes, we all feel that way sometimes, me when I have a whole bunch of assignments due (usually worth 40% of my grade).. Over my year and a half I have thought of some ways to stop me getting distracted during my study times so I can actually get stuff done, and boy has it been a task. But I have finally worked out something that works for me, so hopefully it does the same for you!


  1. Study outdoors

Now, I know what you’re thinking.. ‘isn’t there more distractions outside?? Noises, people, animals etc!’ But what I’ve found to be helpful is the lack of technological distractions and different things you find around your house when you should be doing the exact opposite of belonging explorations. I always study in my backyard- we have this nice deck area that has clear plastic (kinda) roll-up doors that make the deck all toasty in the winter- because it’s warm, yet fresh and quiet. It’s also close enough to the kitchen and bathroom in case I need anything, but I can’t see any tv’s or hear them either. I get a lot more done when literally nothing can distract me.

2. Turn your phone off!

This is an obvious one, but us twenty-first century kids are constantly on our phones and its a constant distraction. Say you study for an hour? What could possibly happen in an hour that couldn’t be sorted out earlier or later? If you really do need your phone to be reachable in case of emergencies, work or other commitments, put it on silent at least, or keep its sound on but put it somewhere across the room so you can’t look at it all the time.

3. Self Control

What a beautiful creation Self Control is. If you haven’t heard about it, basically its a app that allows you to limit your access to websites of your choice for a certain amount of time. So you can ‘block’ yourself from using Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, whatever your guilty pleasure is, when you’re studying to help yourself get stuff done! It’s free to download off the app store on laptops (Apple) so just search it, download it and bam its all yours and ready to use 🙂

4. Take breaks

No matter how long your study for however, you are going to get tired and when that happens you’re not going to be able to do your best work. So take a quick 5/10 minute break. There are several study methods to use, such as the Pomodoro Technique which involves studying for 25 minutes then taking a 5 minute break, then after you’ve done that 4 times you can reward yourself by taking a 15-20 minute break, and then repeat 🙂 Don’t forget to eat during your breaks so you stay energised and you don’t get distracted while studying from hunger or thirst.

5. Reward yourself

When you feel as though you’ve done a good amount of work, study or your assignment just remember to reward yourself for your efforts. This could include getting a coffee, a night off studying to have some fun, or even just having a nap 🙂 You have to remember that in order to stay motivated to study and avoid distractions, you have to have something to work towards, and this is a great way to think of it.

Hope these helped out, cause they’ve certainly done so for me at university 🙂

How’s your semester going to far?? Let me know, cause I’d love to hear!

The Aussie Student


4 thoughts on “Master of Distraction

  1. Hey Tianah! This is so helpful. It’s funny because I’ve read so many times to study indoors because there are a lot of distractions outdoors. I guess we don’t give much thought to everything we have inside. Thanks heaps for writing this post!😊


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