The First Day… Friends.

So it’s August, the time of year when you’re forced to be an ‘adult’ again, stop watching Netflix ’til 2 am (AT LEAST) and make the dreaded trek to university. I’m in the same boat here, staying out late, drinking way too much booze for it to be acceptable and pretty much not doing anything remotely productive.

The first day comes and goes quicker than you could imagine, but its the lead up to the moment when you walk into your lecture or tutorial, look around and don’t see a single familiar face… that’s the scary part. Having to put yourself out there again and again to make friends so that your semester isn’t a sad fest of you sitting alone and not talking to anyone. I’ve had those classes… because I’m not a particularly outgoing person and I find it hard to let down my guard and let people in. But over the course of my year and a half at uni I’ve devised a simple yet effective way to make friends on your first day, that doesn’t involve being that person who is so outgoing it makes you kind of scared…



  1. Sit next to others!

It’s the easiest thing in the world to walk into a class or lecture and sit in the most secluded seat where the closest thing to you is the door. But if you want to enjoy your semester and not be limited to your own thoughts and opinions you have to put yourself out there. Walk in, find someone who looks friendly and chatty and take a seat next to them! It’s the first step to having any friend in class.

2. Chat!

Once you’ve found that nice looking person, ask them a question about the unit, or maybe suggest a mutual struggle you’ve found already (eg. a girl and I chatted about how unorganised our lecturer was and how it was the first tute for the semester and the unit outline was nowhere to be found. Its as easy as that!). Introduce yourself and there you go, you have yourself the beginning of a friendship!

3. Group projects

If by any chance your unit has decided to give you a group assignment you can either dread it or embrace it. If you get to choose your group, pick that girl or guy you’ve just been talking to. A group assignment is a great way for you to get to know each other more and spend time together without hanging out casually just yet. Book a study room at the library and take some time to do your assignment there, and don’t forget to chat too (just not too much! :P)

4. Lastly, if that first conversation doesn’t go anywhere…

Some people just aren’t meant to be friends.. You could be interested in completely different things, maybe the other person just isn’t interested in making friends at this point, or maybe they aren’t the nice person you thought they could be. THAT’S OKAY. It’s not always going to work out. So next time, find someone else and try the same thing. Sooner or later you’ll find the person that will make the semester a great time and you will hopefully stay friends outside of class.

Hope this helped! Just remember, keep your head high, smile and enjoy it 🙂

❤ Tianah

The Aussie Student


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