Tav Parties


Here in Australia the legal drinking age is 18, which means that by the time you’re in university a lot of people can actually drink. This leads to the best part about uni life… The parties! But in this post I’m going to specifically talk about tav (or tavern if you’re a little more classy) parties. Now my university throws 3 tav bashes per semester and let me tell you, we all wish there were more.

As a uni student in Australia, drinking and partying is a major part of meeting new people, catching up with old friends and just having an all ’round good time. I didn’t really get into the drinking scene until second semester of first year and I can honestly say I regret it a lot because they’re so fun and an awesome way to just let loose and have a great time with uni friends.

If you’re not really into partying it up on a Friday night then Tav Parties probably aren’t for you. I’d say go to at least one to see if you like it cause as the saying goes, you’ll never know until try it (or something along those lines :P). BUT if you do like going out, getting drunk and bonding with girls in bathrooms that you’ll never see again, then GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose!

Just always remember to be safe and to have fun 🙂


  1. Don’t get pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do
  2. This ones for the girls: if some guy is getting a little too close for comfort, just tell him to his face to stop or simply walk off.
  3. As always, don’t drive if you’re going to be drinking- its common sense people.
  4. If you’re weary of money spending, have a couple drinks before you go so that when you get there you won’t need to fork out as much to have a buzz (at least I think its called a buzz aha).
  5. Lastly, just have fun! Forget about those dreaded assignments and exams for a night and live your life 🙂

The Aussie Student


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