5 Simple but Effective Study Tips


So what’s the most annoying thing about uni? You guessed right, its the studying… what a drag, I know. But it’s not really something you can get away with not doing. The further you are along in your course, the more you’re going to need to put in the hard yards and study :/


If you’re one of those people like I am, who have the attention span of a green pea and cannot stand doing one thing for over 15 minutes because a) you find it completely boring and makes you miserable, or b) get overwhelmed by the sheer load you have to remember, then these 5 tips might just work for you! (at least they half did for me :p)




1. Write a list!
For me writing lists helps a lot with getting myself organised and ready to conquer all the topics I have to cover. So like the majority of you uni students, I have 4 units to complete in a semester, and for each of those I’ll have 3 or 4 assessments. This can EASILY get me freaking out and running for the hills having 12 assignments, with 4 or 5 due in the last weak alone. But by writing a checklist of everything I need to do and study, its making a physical reminder of what needs to be done, and it will help with getting mentally prepared so you can start conquering.
So now, whenever I’ve finished an assignment, I can just tick it off and not have to stress… As a bonus, ticking things off on a To Do List is always fun and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something! 🙂


2. Study in an environment where you know you can concentrate!
Some people can study really well with music, whilst others can’t. I can’t. I need things to be super quiet so all my attention is on what I’m suppose to be doing. If you know that you can only study with music then listen to music, and if you can’t then don’t. I personally think that studying without music is more effective. My old maths teacher in high school was a firm advocate of studying and doing work in a quiet environment (and that sort of just stuck with me). To make this a little science-y and what not, studies have shown that when you listen to music while you study your brain doesn’t make the right connections and you only remember things for a short amount of time, and if it’s quiet then information can reach your long term memory and stay there. But ultimately, do what works for you!


3. Flash cards!
Even though it’s the 21st century, flash cards are still one of the best ways to remember information! Write down the question or word to learn, write down the answer or definition, and bam! you’re ready to start studying! You’ve probably all heard of flash cards.. Who hasn’t!? But did you know that you can get apps for your phone or tablet that do literally the same thing as the physical cards. I have 2 (not sure why I have 2 but anyway..) called FlashCards++ and Flashcardlet. Both are great, yet one is free and one isn’t. You can write your own flash cards or download ones that other people have created and made available on Quizlet which is really helpful if you are too lazy to make your own sometimes! Hehe, I even found one dedicated to an entire unit of mine which was so handy, so definitely check Quizlet out ’cause you never know what you might find!


4. Have food!!!!!
The exclamation marks were totally needed there! You get to eat while study! Huh!? Yes you read right, food when you study!
Having food with you when you study will prevent you from wondering aimlessly around the house or library, continuously opening and closing the fridge expecting something new to be there every time, and endless procrastination (because let’s face it, food is amazing). Having healthy food with you is even better for your studying. It will give you energy that you need to be able to remember information or stay up. A good choice is some fruit like a banana or apple, or saltanas (mmmmm my favourite).


5. Find a study buddy
This can be a hit or miss kind of tip. For some of you it’ll work a treat, in my opinion, a lot better for science type courses where you can test each other and get the same answer. Having someone to study with can be sooo beneficial because if you begin to explain a concept to a friend who doesn’t quite know what it is, you actually end up having to recall it yourself, and therefore studying whilst also helping someone else. It’s a win-win situation! But just be careful that you’re actually studying or doing your work, because it can become a trap where you end up eating chips and gossiping about the latest Kardashian news… been there done that!


I hope these tips were helpful to at least one of you! And if it did, let me know in the comments 🙂


❤ Tianah,
The Aussie Student

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